Welcome to The War for Attention

Some key points that we cover:

  • How content influences the B2B journey for senior leaders
  • Using the digital funnel to build a content strategy
  • How to create content that stands out
  • SEO, SEM, Content, Funnel metrics, and more.

More choice, more blockers, and more people targeting your customers

Why content marketing? Because your competitor will be promoting online, and content marketing is about the funnel and retention. So the question should be: Why not?

People are choosing not to pay attention to you. They also want to spend more time on interesting things and are willing to pay for the pleasure of not being distracted by anything else. In the last four years, the internet has overtaken TV as the most popular entertainment medium. The number of pay TV subscribers that would prefer to subscribe to individual TV shows doubled in 2016 to 19%. Ad blocking software is used by 28% of people.

For Millennials, social advertising is the most influential form of all digital advertising, with 49% ranking it in their top three. Conversely, the generation most responsive to influence from search advertising is the Matures (ranked in the top three by 54% for sponsored and 51% for unsponsored search). Source

  • 51 percent of buyers rely on content to research buying decisions*
  • 47 percent of buyers viewed 3 to 5 pieces of content before engaging a sales representative*
  • 95 percent of buyers consider vendor-related content to be trustworthy

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