This too shall pass...

Inspired by Rahm Emanuel’s famous line “Never let a good crisis go to waste,” Step Change CEO Ashton Bishop held an hour-long webinar, sharing the 5 crucial factors to help leaders respond to the COVID-19 crisis:

  • Get clear on your Challenge
  • Be the Calm leader 
  • Control the controllable 
  • Clarity in your communications
  • Manage to the Cycle 

Ashton reveals the framework that he has learned from helping organisations navigate choppy and uncertain waters. 

Watch the Webinar


5Cs Implementation Session

23 March 2020 Recording


5Cs Implementation Session with Craig Rispin

26 March 2020 Recording

In this time of crisis, what Craig finds helpful and naturally lifts him up, is when he serve and help others. 

Here's a glimpse of the takeaways from Craig:

  • Be a leader with vision
    • Make your vision long term
    • Connect your people to their purpose
  • Bring in new measurements
    • Put in new controls with new metrics, not to control people, but to lift people up
  • What you could do right now, today?
    • Be connected to the future
    • Evaluate all the technology around you, your platforms and what needs to be replaced 

Watch the video below and learn more how Craig is turning this challenge as an opportunity.


You can view the transcript here.


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